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All of our soups are homemade with care at our restaurant.
We have a variety of delicious soups to choose from, and they change daily. There is something for everyone, so stop by and have a try!

What brand of hotdogs do you sell?
Our hotdogs are made from the finest cuts of fresh meat, with no artificial ingredients or fillers, from Kunzler and Company, Inc. Kunzler has been selling quality meat products since 1901 and is a respected name in Lancaster County. Their delicious hotdogs and our amazing toppings combine to make a taste you won’t soon forget.

Is Harry a real person?
Our restaurant is named for Harry Lymberis, a native of Greece, who purchased the Sadsburyville Hotel with his wife Athena in 1973. Today, Harry can be found behind the grill from time to time, making the famous hotdogs that have made his restaurant so successful. Be sure to drop in for an official Harry’s Hotdog…possibly made by the man himself!

What is a “Harry’s Hotdog with Everything?”
The Harry’s Hotdogs claim to fame is our Special Sauce, The combination of this original secret-recipe meat-sauce, our mustard and our chopped onion, which has become a trademark, gives you a delicious traditional “Harry’s Hotdog with Everything!” Our customers say they’re the best!

Why don’t you put sauerkraut on your hotdogs?
It is our belief, here at Harry’s, that sauerkraut does not conform properly with our style of hotdog. Our preparation method of cutting and grilling, accompanied by our condiments (specifically our secret-recipe special sauce), calls for flavors which do not include sauerkraut. We feel that a boiled hot dog is better suited for such a topping. We hope that all sauerkraut lovers will not be discouraged from enjoying our hotdogs, and that ultimately they will come to find they prefer our blend of toppings over sauerkraut anyway.

What is the difference between Buffalo Wings and Western Wings?
Both types of our chicken wings are quite tasty, but they each have their own distinct taste. Buffalo Wings are smaller, come 10 in an order, and are pre-seasoned in a mild sauce. Our fresh-cooked Western Wings are larger, come 8 in an order, and are dredged in your choice of mild, hot, blazin’, or honey barbeque sauce. Both Buffalo and Western Wings are served with celery and bleu cheese dressing. Come in and decide which is your favorite!

How is the Chili made?
Our Spicy Chili is made from scratch with ground beef and kidney beans, it is a taste you won’t forget! You can enjoy Spicy Chili on all of our quality meat products.

How are the Char-burgers made?
Harry’s Char-burgers are Choice USDA Black-Angus beef. Carefully char-broiled to perfection over an open flame and served on a grilled bun — yummy! Be sure to try them with our Special Sauce or our Homemade Chili.

They both sound good, I can’t make up my mind!
There is a difference, so we recommend you try both! Remember to be specific when ordering so you get exactly the topping you want.

Why is Smoking still permitted in the Bar at Harry’s?
At the vast request of the majority of our valuable, loyal, and long-term Bar customers, Harry’s has applied for an “Exception” from the recently adopted Pennsylvania Law known as the “Clean Indoor Air Act.” The smoking exception applies to the BAR AREA ONLY. We have proudly banned smoking from all other parts of our Restaurant.

How are you able to meet the “Exception” criteria?
The Bar at Harry’s legally meets the all the exception criteria required by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for a “Drinking Establishment – Type II.” In order to continue to permit smoking in the Bar, we were able to meet the following requirements which qualify our Bar area only to continue to permit indoor smoking:

Harry’s owns a current valid Pennsylvania Restaurant Liquor License.
Our “Bar Smoking Area” is physically connected and adjacent to the eating area, and is separately enclosed.
Our “Bar Smoking Area” has a separate outside entrance.
Our “Bar Smoking Area” has a separate air system.
Our “Bar Smoking Area” will no longer permit anyone under the age of 18 into the Bar at anytime whatsoever, and we have posted signs to that effect.
Our “Bar Smoking Area” has posted signs at each entrance into the “Bar Smoking Area” which indicates that “smoking is permitted.”
Our “Bar Smoking Area” has food sales of less than 20% of the total sales within the “Bar Smoking Area” only.

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