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A History of the historic Sadsburyville Hotel Building
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  • The Sadsburyville Hotel is a historic and interesting building located in Sadsbury Township. The township name, Sadsbury, originated from an English town named “Sudbury.” The “ville” was incorporated into the name in 1825 when a post office was opened in town at the Hotel.
    • On July 27th 1799, John Sloan was deeded the property on which he built the Hotel. The original Hotel. The Hotel itself is located at the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Old Wilmington Road. Old Wilmington Road was earlier known as Old Limestone Road and had evolved earlier from an even older Indian Trail. Lincoln Highway, originally called the Lancaster Turnpike was the first macadamized road in the Country in 1794. The Hotel laid almost exactly half way between Philadelphia and Lancaster. There were four stage coach stops daily: 7 am, 10 am (mail stage both ways), 2 pm (which told the number to prepare for dinner and lodging) and the 6 PM coach which brought the overnight guests. Due to the Hotels close location to The Mason Dixon Line, the Hotel encountered such visitors such as General Lafayette, and his son, George Washington Lafayette.
      • In the first three decades of the 19th century, the Hotel did extremely well and was a fair bet to become the major urban center that Chester County seemed to lack. At this point, Coatesville was only five or six log cabins. Unfortunately, Sadsburyville’s bright future died when the railroad bypassed it by about a mile to the South
        • When The Pennsylvania Railroad was built in 1833, the Hotel changed owners a great deal. After John Sloan’s original opening John H. Kendig owned the Hotel. However, it wasn’t until John K. Bair purchased the building in 1870 that the popularity of the Hotel was restored. Prior to Bair’s purchasing of the Hotel, the Town had voted out the sale of liquor and alcoholic beverages. Bair made improvements to the building and was able to re-attain the beverage license. After John K. Bair died in 1908, the building was put up for sale yet again.
          • With the Prohibition Act in the 1930′s, the building became an apartment house and just a symbol of what used to be. In 1945, Ralph C. Hoopes, bought the Hotel. He opened the Sadsburyville Tavern with a dining room, and apartment house, along with many cosmetic improvements.
            • In 1953 George and Andrew Shesko bought the Hotel and used the dining room as a cocktail lounge and served sandwiches and appetizers.
              • In 1973, Harry and Athena Lymberis bought the Hotel and re-introduced it as “Harry’s Famous Hotdogs.” In 1992, the Lymberis Family did extensive renovations to both the interior and exterior of the beautiful 18th century building. It has become the centerpiece of the Village of Sadsburyville and indicates the aesthetic value and charm of the town. The Lymberis’ still own and operate the Bar and Restaurant originally known as Sadsburyville Hotel and have once again made it a prosperous business in Sadsbury Township.